Kamila Skolimowska Foundation

The event remains:
August 25, 2024

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KAMILA SKOLIMOWSKA FOUNDATION was established in December 2010.

Its overarching goals are:

  • Cultivating the memory of the youngest Polish Olympic champion
  • Assisting athletes in their return to active sports practice
  • Promoting athletics among children and young people

The president of the Foundation is the father of the athlete Robert Skolimowski, while its ambassadors are Piotr Malachowski and Tomasz Majewski. To date, the Foundation has supported more than 200 athletes. The biggest and most important event organized by the Foundation is the annual Kamila Skolimowska Memorial.

Fundacja Kamili Skolimowskiej
ul. Szaserów 69/71 lok.41
04-311 Warszawa
NIP 1132821668
KRS 0000373215
REGON 142723576

BANK PEKAO S.A. 06 1240 1040 1111 0010 3703 5537

e-mail: info@memorialkamili.pl

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